White Tea

Experience the finest White Tea from Fujian, China, celebrated for its delicate flavor and health benefits. Choose from loose leaf or pre-bagged options, including renowned varieties like Silver Needle Tea, White Peony Tea, Shou Mei, and Gong Mei, along with flavored white teas. Silver Needle, a highly sought-after tea, captivates with its unforgettable aroma and light golden flush. White Peony, crafted from one bud and two withered leaves, showcases its natural beauty. Gong Mei, a special variety, originates from Fuding Da Bai and undergoes natural fermentation for enhanced flavor. Shou Mei, plucked later for nutrient buildup, delivers a beautiful and delightful experience. Explore the world of white tea, and for a unique twist, try our refreshing White Tea Shot beverage combining white tea with whiskey, schnapps, soda, and more.